UrbanDATA is a multidisciplinary design firm practicing broadly in the sphere of urban planning, urban design and architectural design. UrbanDATA has taken part in a variety of international and local competitions. Some of our past projects include the concept development for the 2010 World Expo Pavilion; the planning and design of Ningbo International Business Area; the conceptual design of Kunming City; and the architectural design of Shanghai Zhabei Stadium.


As we interpret new urban conditions in the transforming world of today, we take special interest in the unique circumstances of projects in Chinese cities. The fast pace of social and economic change in China creates a set of demands and opportunities that reframe the core elements of design and multidisciplinary cooperation. We approach each single project with fresh vision and the aim of integrating the specific values of each project. We seek to contribute to the built environment in a way that manifests community spirit, respects context and fulfils the needs of the client.